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Unlock productivity with REBASE

Take your productivity to the next level

in less than 200 pages. Learn the power of rebasing in Git and take full control of your commit history.

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Optimized and effective

Short and to the point. REBASE gives you a streamlined approach to be your most effective self using Git.

Become a master

Get work done faster. Learn how to best re-arrange changes, split commits or combine them.

Timeless content

Add Git to your skills for lifelong career benefit. Thousands rely on Git daily and the number is only growing.

What's inside

Packed with tips and tricks to improve your productivity and maintain high flexibility within your code base.

✓ Repository under the hood
✓ The anatomy of a Git commit
✓ Understanding Git objects
✓ A branch is just a pointer
✓ Concept of a rebase
✓"Rebase + Merge" vs. "Just Merge"

✓ How to perform a simple rebase
✓ Rebasing interactively
✓ Splitting and squashing commits
✓ Automated testing during a rebase
✓ Cherry-picking commits
✓ "I'll fix it later" Workflow

Includes hand-drawn illustrations!

This book is for you if...

😅 You feel rather uncomfortable using Git

😬 You know how to add, commit, push and pull, but that's it

😰 You don't know what to do when you've "messed up"

😑 You don't know what your Git tool is doing behind the scenes

😲 You want limitless version control

🤩 You want to fix all of the above without wasting time

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